About Us

About us

QRPLaza - the social of things - is the new communication platform that connects companies with their customers and the customers of the same brand together.
At the same time QRPlaza certifies the originality of each product purchased with a view to anti-counterfeiting of the product and leads the marketing communication of the company directly to the product.

    Among the greatest innovations introduced by QRPlaza:

  • 1. Certification of your products with unique QR-code + PIN (in anti-counterfeiting perspective)
  • 2. Management/extension, real time feedback and product tracking of any product in warranty (starting out from the label on the product)
  • 3. Customized marketing communication on each single product (videos, Youtube channel, tweets, Instagram, etc.)
  • 4. Option to buy the product (impulse buying) also when the store or the dealer is close (in case of e-commerce)
  • 5. Dedicated brand room to any partner, with a chance to talk to all your customers and let them talk each other (newsletter, wall, direct messages)
  • 6. Direct management of sweepstakes and instant win for any product with QRPlaza labels
  • 7. Possibility for every client to associate endless multimedia contents to any product (video contests, amateur contents, pictures, tweets, playlists, etc.)
  • 8. Management of ICE audio/video messages in case of emergency for Sport clothes, helmets, ski, etc.
  • 9. Function of geo-location and recovery of lost/stolen products (bikes, motorbikes, backpacks, bags, suitcases, keychains, wallets, etc.)
  • 10. Link to the last versions of products’ user and technical manuals in digital format (pdf) starting from the code