QRPlaza T-Shirt - M'AMA NON M'AMA - BIG DAISY - 32 Gb

QRPlaza T-Shirt - M'AMA NON M'AMA - BIG DAISY - 32 Gb
48.00 €

QRPlaza T-Shirt - M'AMA NON M'AMA BIG DAISY - 1 Gb
100% cotton - Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

The only T-shirt that talks about you:
• Share your videos, playlist, pictures, files, etc.
• Unlimited embedded contents
1 Gb on QRPlaza cloud
• The new great way to get new friends
• Everyone will read your code could be in contact with you!
You have the freedom to choose from the adult sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Not just a T-shirt: MAMA NON M'AMA is not just a T-shirt but a tool to tell your stories, your thoughts, your mood and your state of mind, to remember the best and significant moments in your life.
With the MAMA NON M'AMA T-shirt you can share your favorite songs, your playlists, your holiday photos, the videos you prefer and show them to friends and to those who want to meet you. MAMA NON M'AMA is also a game where through the state, associated with your T-shirt, you can let people know if at sentimental level you are free (green light), undecided (yellow light) or busy (red light). Anyone who reads the code on your T-shirt will be able to view, if you wish, the status you are in and get in touch with you.

Note: anyone will shoot your T-shirt could be in direct contact with you and add comments to your T-shirt contents.
To view more demo T-shirt and have more details on QRPlaza T-shirt please click on the link below.

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  • Model: QRPlaza T-Shirt - M'AMA NON M'AMA BIG DAISY - 32 Gb
  • Manufacturer: QRPlaza

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