QRPlaza Art

QRPlaza Art
A world of art
in your pocket
Digital Tickets
available on smartphone
for an easy check-in
Maximum security
Easy check-in
Real time data
Stop to secondary
tickets' market
Maximum safety &
interaction among
all event's visitors
Full interaction among
all event users
All social posts, pictures & video
in any single event room
Get & interact with
thousands of new friends
just reading the code on the ticket
Keep event's memory
Updated & multilingual
information on each
work of art


   QRPlaza Art

QRPlaza Art: a world of art in your pocket!

QRPlaza Art is a specially designed solution for museums, art galleries, exhibition curators and artistic events in general.

With QRPlaza Art any museum, art gallery, curator of artistic events can manage the complete system of digital ticketing and access to events, providing complete and updated information on all the works on display, starting from the QRPlaza code printed on the ticket or directly next to the work of art.

Each customer can also purchase tickets for entry to a museum, an exhibition or event directly from the QRPlaza platform, activate and associate the ticket in digital format to his/her personal profile and use it for entry without the need to print it, but simply showing it on the smartphone's screen.

Associated with the code printed on the ticket, all the updated information regarding the exhibition or event is shown, and all museum, exhibition or event visitors will be in direct contact with each other right from the purchase and activation of the digital ticket, with the ability to exchange, post, comments, reviews and chat in real time in the event room dedicated to each event.

Access control and security operators can check the validity of each QRPlaza ticket directly from their tablet or smartphone, updating access statistics in real time.

Each QRPlaza code and the related personal contents possibly loaded on the code, can also be protected with personalized passwords, and possibly shared on the net and on the Social Networks.

QRPlaza Art - the art revolution is just beginning.

Are you a museum, an art gallery, a gallery owner, a curator of exhibitions or events, click on the button below and fill out the form to request the QRPlaza Art brochure with some demonstration codes.

Thank you.
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