QRPlaza Services

Every company has a great wealth: the power and visibility of its products!
QRPlaza - the social of things - brings the company's marketing
and social communication on any product to promote maximum virality.

QRPlaza - the social of things - offers different types of services to companies in different sectors.

QRPlaza brings intelligence on each type of product, at extremely low costs, through QRPlaza codes each product is able to communicate with end customers, give them marketing information on the manufacturing company, provide real-time information on the characteristics of the product , on the way of useit, immediately verify the product's originality in a protected and safe way, through a proprietary technology.
QRPlaza qr-codes are a simple technology, visible and accessible to all consumers, immediately available via smartphone.
But there is much more, QRPlaza is also a Social Network, which aggregates its users based on tastes, habits, loyalty to a particular brand or lifestyle.

Through its innovative platform, QRPlaza makes each company type speaks directly with its customers, using the main means that each company has: its own product.

But QRPlaza also makes it possible to talk and interact with the customers of the same brand, inside specific brand rooms, identified by the logos and the communication of its partners, creating people clusters sharing the same passions and the same interests. Any user who purchases products from QRPlaza partners, can also bring their own communication and content on QRPlaza codes, triggering a viral marketing mechanism that focuses on the product itself.

For more details on QRPlaza technology applied to different production sectors, we invite you to read the individual presentations.

QRPlaza - the social of things - we give life and memory to things you love!

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