QRPlaza Pharma

QRPlaza Pharma
We give intelligence &
security to any drug
Remote assistance
Updated package leaflets
ICE protocol
Secure Labels
Anti-counterfeiting system
Direct emergency assistance
Real time chat with experts
& pharma producers
All company communications
in any single brand room
Paper & video tutorial
for a correct drug use
New generation APIs for
integration with POS SW

   QRPlaza Pharma

QRPlaza Pharma: consumer safety first!

QRPlaza Pharma is a solution specially designed for drugs' manufacturers and distributors.

With QRPlaza Pharma any manufacturer can put all the information and details of each drug on each pack (including updated and multilingual leaflets, against indications, video tutorial on the correct use of the drug), perform remote assistance to customers starting from the code printed on the package, each customer can certify in real time using his/her smartphone, through the QRPlaza application, the originality of the drug purchased and much more...

Any customer, can verify from their smartphone or tablet, all information related to the drug, including the expiration date, view and possibly report immediately possible side effects, chat in real time with expert medical staff made available by the manufacturer, access to a section for the management of emergency cases.

Each QRPlaza code, connected to any drug and its contents, can also be protected with customized passwords, which can be associated with special reserved areas dedicated to operators in the sector and to professionals.

QRPlaza Pharma - the drug revolution is just beginning!

Are you a drug manufacturer, retailer or distributor, packaging or labels manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry, click on the button below and fill out the form to request the QRPlaza Pharma brochure with some demo codes.

Thank you.
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