QRPlaza.com, the first International communication and certification platform on net based QR-code, it is the most simple and immediate way to certify the authenticity of a product, to meet new friends in public places in discos, in pubs, at the beach, on public transport, on cruise and interact with them for a night, a day, the time for a vacationor or for a lifetime.

1. Scan any partners' product that has QRPlaza.com QR-code with your smartphone and enter in the world of QRPlaza.com - the social of things, the new communication platform based on things that certifies the quality and authenticity of any purchased products, through its innovative technology simple and accessible to everyone that allows everyone to interact with each other, according to their passions, their tastes, trends, places they frequently visit or the brands of the products they bought
2. Each code associated with our products or our partner's products, if you want, will take you inside his 'brand room' and will be associated with your QRPlaza.com personal profile, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ profile, according to the Social with which you want to interact
3. Take a shoot with any QR-code reader by your Smartphone to people around you, who bought our products or our partners' products
4. Users shooted by you, will enter in your personal QR-room and you'll start to post and interact with them by sending messages by the QRPlaza.com messaging system
5. You can customize any number of any categories of products you purchased and give it life with messages, video, audio, songs, pictures
Each product comes to life and lets you communicate what you think, to exchange your emotions, to make it live with your songs, videos and pics that you like
6. Whenever you'll shoot a QR-code shown on a product of our partner, after the purchase, you can choose to enter his/her brand room, joining in possible discounts and promotions, and interact with all users who bought products of the same brand. You can even filter users by gender, distance, interests and age

Make new friends and interact with them immediately. You can also choose to share with new friends, your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and associate your QR-code to any of these social networks.

Other Social keep you locked in house?
We invite you to leave the house wearing and shooting our accessories, clothes or the products of our partners and to meet new friends!

Imagine a world where relationships between people are based only on proximity, interests and passions, where you can interact with people who are around you even if you don't know them directly.
The subscription to QRPlaza.com is reserved only to over 16 people.

So, don't wait, Join now to QRPlaza.com - the social of things! QRPlaza.com registration is free and lifetime long.

QRPlaza.com - main innovations

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