QRPlaza Bikes

QRPlaza Bikes
We give intelligence
and protection to
your bikes
Rider safety
ICE management
Warranty extension
Complete management of the
bike warranty cycle
Remote assistance in real time
starting from the code
Share your best video and
pictures directly on 
QRPlaza code
All company social posts
in any single brand room
Anti-theft system
with geolocation
Get hundreds of new friends
at any meeting just reading
the QRPlaza code with
your smarthpone

   QRPlaza Bikes

QRPlaza Bikes - the bikes become alive!

QRPlaza Bikes is a solution specially desiged for bikes' manufacturer and riders.

With QRPlaza Bikes any manifacturer can bring all marketing and social communication on any bike (contents can be customized for each single bike or model), talk and send offers to any of its clients, manage whole bike warranty cycle, upload manuals and warranty's certificates directly on bikes, run remote assistance starting from the code, manage prize competitions and much more...
Any rider, after purchasing a bike, can verify bike's authenticity (even for second-hand bikes), activate/extend warranty period, embed/upload any kind of content on any bike through the QRPlaza code like: videos, pictures, playlists, trip reviews, go-pro videos, audio comments, files and documents.
Any QRPlaza code, linked to any bike, could also be shared on main Social Networks and any bike owner can get thousands of comments on his/her contents.
Any rider can share his/her thoughts, impressions, suggestions, paths, races, pictures and videos with all his/her friends or with other clients of the same brand.

One of the most important feature is that any producers can protect any bike with a QRPlaza code, that give the client the possibility to link the bike, after the purchase, to his/her personal profile.
So, in case of theft, it can be activated on the QRPlaza code, the tracking and geolocation function.

QRPlaza Bikes – the bike revolution is just at the beginning.

Are you a bike manufacturer or a dealer, please click the button below and fill the form to request QRPlaza Bikes brochure with some demo codes.

Thank you.
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