QRPlaza Tickets

QRPlaza Tickets
Nominal tickets for
maximum security
Digital Air Tickets
available on smartphone
for an easy check-in
Maximum security
in big live events
Real time data
Stop to secondary
tickets market
Maximum safety &
interaction for all
cruise passengers
Full interaction among
all event users
All social posts, pictures & video
in any single event room
Get & interact with
thousands of new friends
just reading the code on the ticket
Keep event's memory
Paper & Digital tickets
Easy check-in
Full interaction among passengers

   QRPlaza Tickets

QRPlaza Tickets - keep the memory of each event!

QRPlaza Tickets is a solution specially designed for event organizers, cruise companies, train, planes, ships tickets, conventions, events, trade fairs tickets and any type of event that requires any kind of registration.
Also free events or events that require special security and monitoring requirements for participants.

With QRPlaza Tickets every company, sports club, record producer can bring all marketing and social communications on each ticket, talk and send offers to any customer, know in advance how many participants will be at a given event based on the number of tickets registered, track participation at each event in real time, let all participants speak at each event, manage prize competitions and newsletters and much more ...

Each ticket, after associating the ticket with user's personal profile, is nominal and cannot be sold, to avoid increasing the illicit traffic in ticket sales on secondary markets.

Any customer, after purchasing a ticket on the QRPlaza platform, can immediately verify its authenticity, interact with all the people participating in the same event, embed/upload any type of content on the ticket through the QRPlaza code such as: videos, pictures, playlists , audio/video comments, files and documents and share them with all other social users inside and outside QRPlaza.

If you want to protect your privacy, any code and all related content can also be protected by a custom password for each code.
Any QRPlaza code, connected to each ticket, can also be easily shared, after ticket association to user's personal profile on the main Social Networks and every user can get thousands of comments on his/her digital contents.
Each user can share their comments, impressions, images and videos with all the participants in the same musical or sports event, the participants in the same trip, cruise, convention.

QRPlaza Tickets: ticket revolution is just beginning.

Are you an event organizer, a sports team or association, a non-profit company, a cruise company, an airline or train company, click on the button below and fill out the form to request the QRPlaza Tickets brochure with demo codes.

Thank you.
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