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You can then decide whether to create jpg cards so you can share them via email, via Social Network, via Whatsapp, or generate pdf files for printing.

You can set up backgrounds, texts and content of the QRPlaza Cards after you purchase them.
QRPlaza Cards contents can always be updated in real time.

After purchase we will email you the coupon to generate your QRPlaza Custom Cards.

QRPlaza Cards: the greatest invention after the paper.
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Greeting Card

QRPlaza Greeting Card

QRPlaza Greeting Card allow you to customize your gifts with video messages (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion), songs and audio messages (Soundcloud), pictures (Flickr, Twitter), your personal files, etc...
Each QRPlaza Greeting Card is unique and can be customized with your most amazing contents.

Give emotions, let speak and live your gifts and your loved objects!

The contents, associated with QRPlaza Greeting Card can be textual, audio/video/songs (video chosen or uploded by yourself on Youtube, Vimeo, song on Soundcloud, entire playlists, picture uploaded to Flickr or shared on Twitter), your personal files (doc, zip, ppt, xls, pdf) and much more...

What better way to give life to your gifts?

A video conveys emotions, tells about you, your history, your most beautiful moments spent together with the people you love.

You can choose to associate with each QRPlaza Greeting Card, how many contents you want and update them at any time...

We summarize below some of the main innovations of the QRPlaza Greeting Cards:

1. Each Greeting Card has a unique code (QR code) + PIN, which allows the buyer to assign the Greeting Card to his/her QRPlaza profile
2. Any Greeting Card can be customized with text, audio (songs on Soundcloud), video (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.), with audio/video posts recorded by the user, with pictures, etc.
3. Maximum customization: the Greeting Card can be customized at any time - a single card with unlimited multimedia messages that can be changed at any time
4. Viral marketing: possibility to sponsor the greeting message from the QRPlaza partner with their brands or messages. Any usuer who wishes, will have the option to enter in the 'brand room' of QRPlaza partner
5. Read report: read report by email to Greeting Card owner with views counter
6. Date of expiration: possibility to decide theGreeting Card expiration date
7. Number of views: the Greeting Card owner can set the maximum number of views
8. Security: any Greeting Card can also be protected by a password, only who is in possession of the password can read the message
9. Ease of reading: to read the messages associated with the QRPlaza Greeting Card you do not need any registration
10. Paper or digital: the QRPlaza Greeting Card is available in pdf format, that you can easy print it, or in digital format (jpg), so you can easily shared it on Social networks, via Whatsapp or by email...

Note: shoot the codes on the right with your smartphone to see the QRPlaza Greeting Cards become alive...

To read the QR-code we recommend the App I-nigma, available for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

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Shoot the codes below with your smartphone to see the QRPlaza Cards become alive...

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