What new friends will give you the chance? Let's see and Join now to QRPlaza.com - the social of things!

1. What's QRPlaza.com?
1. QRPlaza.com is an International Social Game based based on QR-codes and a random aggregation mechanism. QRPlaza.net will let you know the people who are around you and with whom you come in contact, simply by shooting the QR-code they wear, after framed the QR-code your new potential friends will enter in your QR-room, from which you can communicate and interact in real time with them.
You can join to QRPlaza, even by your access parameters of main Social Networks, and without a QR-code, you will be in touch with thousands of new friends.
Imagine an infinite chessboard, populated by people in a completely random way. Men and women, such as black and white squares of the chessboard.
Imagine being part of a world populated by people in a completely random way, and a room the QR-room, where you can add and communicate with people you meet in the most different situations.
Where the relationships between users are only possible on the adjacency basis I have with another user of the board or because I just shooted his/her personal QR-code or I asked his/her friendship.
So QRPlaza.com gives you the chance to make new relations with people around or far from you, to get new International friends, and even to get new business opportunies.

2. How do I subscribe to QRPlaza.com?
2. You just have to choose your nickname and insert some base informations or you can get in a second using your access credentials to main Social Networks. The subscription is free and it's lifelong.
Immediately after your subscription you'll put in QRPlaza.com world randomly and you can begin to interact and exchange messages with the person you shooted the QR-code within your QR-room or you can begin to interact with your 8 neighbours, 4 women and 4 men immediately adjacent to you.

3. How can I get in touch with people who aren't close to me?
3. QRPlaza.com has been created to give its members countless opportunities to meet new people and get new opportunities. After subscription, you can communicate with your 8 new neighbors, people immediately adjacent to you, but you can navigate the QRPlaza.com universe in all directions.
To communicate with other users you can also make a shoot of the QR-code of a person who is in your range, from that moment you'll have a new friend in the QR-room with which to communicate.
To get in touch and communicate with people that are not adjacent to you, you must ask to exchange cell with one of the neighbour of the user you wish to know or simply send a friend request. The exchange is possible only with people of the same sex.
The user that will get the position exchange request is free to accept or deny your request. If he refuses, you have 3 more opportunities, with the other neighbors of the user you want to know or you can make a direct friend request.

4. The position exchange is free?
4. Yes, the exchange of position with another QRPlaza.com user is absolutely free both for the user that makes the demand, both for the user who receives the request.
In any case, every month, we will move for you and mix all the QRPlaza.com cells in a randomly way.

5. May I lock one of my neighbours?
5. Yes. If you don't want to be bothered by one of your neighbours or friends, you can put her/him in the Locked List choosing the Menu voice Lock Profile.

6. May I add one other users to my friends?
6. Yes. You can add at any time any user to your Friends List using the button 'Add as Friend'.

7. May I freeze my account?
7. Yes you can freeze your account at any time going to page 'Edit profile' ed clicking on button 'Freeze your profile'.
During the freezing period you will not be visible to other QRPlaza.com users until you login again with your QRPlaza.com login parameters and click on the button 'Unfreeze your profile'.

8. May I delete my account?
8. Yes. You can delete your account at any time going to page 'Edit profile' ed clicking on button 'Delete your profile'.
After account deletion all your personal data will be deleted by our server and you will not be able to login to QRPlaza.com.
You will always register to QRPlaza.com in a second time.

9. How do I search other users?
9. You can navigate the QRPlaza.com universe in all directions to search for other users, who may be interested or who have common interests with you or use our filters listed in your 'Personal Home'. You can even send a friend request to all users.
You can always communicate with all users in your QR-room.

10. How do I contact the profiles that interest me?
When you want to have contacts with someone that is not immediately adjacent to you, send messages and chat with him/her, you must send a position exchange request with one of his/her neighbours of your same gender.
So you have four different chances for every member.

11. How do I read my new messages?
11. Just click on the 'Message Center' link that it's in top navigation bar.
The latest messages are also visible in your 'Personal Home'.

12. How do I write a post inside my 'Personal Home' or in a friend profile page?
12. It's very easy. Just go to the page bottom where you can see textbox and insert directly your post text, pictures or video (flv format) to upload, the url to a web page or to a Youtube or Vimeo video that you want to link directly in your wall, the press the 'Share' button.
You you want to lock some users to post in your 'Personal Home' you can add them to your 'Locked profiles' list, click on menu voice 'Lock profile'.
You can write posts in your 'Personal Home' and in every user profile pages.
You can also delete posts in every moment.
If you consider that a post is Spam, you can send us a notice by menu just on right side of the post. Our Staff will get the notice and it'll consider to delete it.

13. May I decide from which user get messages, posts, comments and chat?
13. You can get private messages and chat just by your friends and neighbours, users that are in your Friends list.
You can get and send posts, comments to all users, unless you'll add them to 'Locked profiles' list.

14. May I protect my Image Gallery?
14. Yes, sure. In your 'Edit profile' page you can decide to show your pics only to your friends & neighbours or everybody.

15. How do I report a user that included images or texts not suited to the site?
15. QRPlaza.com takes very seriously this issue, in the respect of all users!
You can go to our Contact page and send us the ID of the user that uploaded inappropriate material, please insert in the Subject 'User Complaint'.

16. Why in QRPlaza.com chat there are few people?
16. The number of people connected to the public QRPlaza.com chat is not maintained by us: after the first login you just can start chatting with your neighbours, the 8 users immediately adjacent to you, once they are online with you.
As soon as you make new friends, by browsing our universe and make many position exchanges, you can chat with all your Friends will be online with you.

17. What is the Category and what function does it have?
17. The Category that you choose at the time of registration and that can always be changed on the page 'Edit profile' is the distinctive mark that more represents you.
You will need to make a user selection in infinite QRPlaza.com Universe based on your category of interest.

18. In my 'Personal Home' I see a count down what function does it have?
18. The countdown shows the time remaining to the complete mixing of QRPlaza.com cells.
If you don't move, periodically, we will move for you and we'll find you new friends.

19. What is a QR-room e how it works?
19. A QR-room is a room populated by you and all the people with whom you have occasional contacts, you just have to shoot the QR-code worn by people you meet.
After any QR-code shoot this person will come into your QR-room so you can talk, send messages and write posts, with all users in your QR-room and you will also be able to add them to your friends list.
By clicking on each profile we'll tell you where and when you added this new contact to your QR-room.

20. How do I see the grid incorrectly?
20. The fact that you see the grid incorrectly, with the cells not alternate like on a chessboard, often depends on the Zoom level of your browser.
Set always the Zoom level of your browser to 100%, to display the QRPlaza.com grid properly.

21. What is the Geolocation and how it works?
21. When you activate the Geolocation in QRPlaza.com within your 'Edit profile' page, and if you have a new generation browser (Internet Explorer version 8 or later, Google Chrome version 5 or later, Firefox 3.5 or higher, Safari 5 or later, Opera 6.10 or later), the browser asks you if you want to communicate your position.
If you agree, your browser will collect information about nearby wireless access points and IP address of your computer. Then your browser will send this to the default service provider for location-based service, Google Location Services, to receive an estimate of your position. Finally, this information will be saved in your QRPlaza.com profile, in fields latitude and longitude.
If you choose not to activate QRPlaza.com geolocation, information relating to your last position will not be saved in your profile and the browser will not make any operation.
For more information about the Geolocation browsers will refer you to the page Geolocation in Firefox for more information on browser compatibility, we refer to the page location sharing from your computer.

22. Do I need a product with QR-code to register to QRPlaza.com?
22. Absolutely not. You can join to QRPlaza.com even without having any product with QR-code, simply by entering the parameters associated with one the major Social Networks and do the Social login.

23. What is a brand room?
23. The brand room is a room dedicated to each of our partners, where any user who has purchased a product from one of our partners may decide to join. Users within each brand room can talk to each other, exchange ideas, comments, impressions on products purchased, organize meetings, ect. Users inside each brand room can be filtered by gender, category and distance.

24. How can I send a code/product to another user?
24. After selecting the relevant product code that you want to switch to another user from the 'Brand room' or the page 'Edit Profile' you can press 'Details' button, at the bottom of this page you will find the section where you can enter the nick you want to switch your code/product and carry out the transfer.
You can also decide whether to keep or delete the contents linked with your code/product.
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