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La musica del '900 QRPlaza School Cards QRPlaza School Cards

Title: QRPlaza School Cards
Short description:
By using the QRPLaza cards for school you can give your students multimedia insights for the topics discussed in the lesson, share with them presentations uploaded on, Youtube videos, audio on Soundcloud, etc. and receive comments and reviews from them, with a view to maximally sharing content. Utiizzando le QRPLaza cards for school potete dare ai vostri studenti approfondimenti multimediali per gli argomenti trattati a lezione, condividere con loro presentazioni caricate su, video di Youtube, audio su Soundcloud, ecc. e ricevere da loro commenti e recensioni, in un'ottica di massima condivisione dei contenuti.
Price: 0,00 €
Dimensions: 85x55 mm
Manufacturer: QRPlaza
Lot: QRM2015M11GRCA
Serial number: Q500-900C-0031
Production date: 2015-11-27 00:00:00
Distributor: QRPlaza

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La musica del '900 Clicca sui link per approfondire l'argomento: Riassunto molto interessante:
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