QRPlaza  Menu

   QRPlaza  Menu

QRPlaza launches the new product QRPlaza Menu the new universal Menu for your Restaurant, Pub, Pizzeria, etc.
that follows you throughout your professional life, without having to reprint it
every time you change any dish, price or any other information.

Among the main benefits of QRPlaza Menu

1. Your Menu with full details integrated into an unique QR-code
2. After you print it, your new QRPlaza Menuwill follow you throughout your whole business life, without the need for reprinting
3. Ability to associate to your QRPlaza Menu: files, videos, presentations etc.
4. Email notifications whenever your QRPlaza Menu will be read
5. Links to all your Social networks, with the possibility of real-time updates
6. Save paper avoiding costly reprints when you change even just one a single item or proce
7. All items, proces and informations can be updated in real-time within your QRPlaza profile
8. Possibility to share QRPlaza Menu QR-code on any Social, by email or by Whatsapp
9. For greater security all your data are encrypted within QRPlaza DB
10. Possibility to receive payments during the order phase via PayPal and Credit Card, both for home orders and for orders at the table.

Become eco-friendly

Offering a QR menu option in your restaurant/hotel
allows you to reduce the waste.

Offer a contactless experience

Provide a safe environment free of contamination
while running your business like a pro

Update menu on the go

Make live updates to your digital Menu
prices and pics without reprinting
your QR menu every time

Fast QR menu delivery

Create your Menu quickly together your Place room
including your main social stream
or let us do it for you within 72 hours

Understand customer behavior

Find out how often your customers visit your Menu
and what items they are most interested in

Get ready-to-use QR codes

Imprime tu Menú QR en formato Flyer, adhesivo de ventana o tarjeta de visita,
en papel o plastificado y muéstralo en tu restaurante
y también en tus canales sociales en formato digital.

No more language barrier

Detect the language your customers speak
and automatically translate your QR Menu for them

Dynamic QR codes

Offer different menus at different times of a day!
Same barcode for breakfast
lunch and dinner.

PayPal & CC payment

Real time payment for home delivery
or table payment
Secure transactions with 256-bit key encryption

Instant Whatsapp Notification

Real time Whatsapp and Email notification
immediately after order

Get Your QR Menu in 3 Easy Steps!

QR Menu is a quick and easy way for your customers to see your Menus from their smartphones and place their order directly, for table, take away and home delivery orders.
Your customers will be able to pay directly with PayPal or Credit Card for both methods, notifications of orders placed will arrive both via email and via Whatsapp.

Find out how easy it is to get and activate your QR-code with QRPlaza!

Step1: Sign up for QRPlaza!

Register on QRPlaza by going to this page.
And find out how simple it is to get your QR Menu with QRPlaza!

Step2: Select the option that best suits your business!

Choose the option that best suits your business by going to this link, register
pay directly online and immediately
you can create and print the QR Menu dedicated to your business.

Find out how easy it is to get your QR Menu with QRPlaza!

Step3: Customize your QR Menu and print it

After obtaining your QR Menu you can customize it
with all the items on your Menu, prices, images of the courses
and update it as many times as you want!
Once you have configured your menu you can customize it,
with the background of your choice and print it
in the format of a Flyer or a convenient Business Card or
ask QRPlaza to print it for you.

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