QRPlaza.com - the social of things! starts a new concept of Social Network based on the Internet of things.
With QRPlaza.com every object and product comes to life, the life of anyone who buys it, wear it, use it, live it...

QRPlaza.com gives life and memory to things you love.

Shooting with your Smartphone and a QR-code reader the QR-code printed on QRPlaza.com products or on QRPlaza.com partner products, you can come within our social networks and exchange messages and posts in real time.
You can interact with your new contacts within your personal QR-room or within our partners brand rooms, without limitation and navigate the QRPlaza.com universe in all directions, to find people who arouse your curiosity or with whom you would interact.

You can always sign up for QRPlaza.com even without having a QR-code, using the access parameters to main Social Networks, click on 'Social Login' button available on each page, and you can interact randomly with all QRPlaza.com members.

The main mission of QRPlaza.com is to create new contacts and interactions based on common interests and passions, and provide their members with more opportunities to create new friendships.

The other Social Networks don't give you the chance to get in touch with people you don't know? QRPlaza.com is just the opposite, it was created to allow you to meet and make new friends with people, that like you, want to get involved, in the disco, in the pubs, on a cruise, on beach, wherever you are...

So you can Join now to QRPlaza.com - the social of things!

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do... (Albert Einstein)

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